**BREAKING NEWS (26/7/13) ... PREVIEW (FUNDRAISER) SHOW PLANNED FOR MON 5TH AUGUST IN LONDON** Please look out for further details in the next few days!

IDENTITY... sound a bit vague? Yep, well it did for me too, which is why I chose the title before I started writing the show! But then, it got me exploring the politics of identity, looking at how it shapes the way people perceive us - and how we perceive them, whether we like it or not.

For instance, I took this picture last week outside  a gift shop, in London's West End.

Replace "man" in the above gimmicky item with "woman"... How does it make you feel?
What does it mean to be male in 2013... and what does it have to do with a pair of socks, and a memory from 1991?

Finally, how can I turn this into an engaging poetry show? And can I really explore race, gender, disability, religion, age and sexuality without turning it into a lecture? And is there are least going to be some humour?

Check out my most recent post, or see UPDATE for July to read more about the "Identity Mix-Up" concept (scroll to number 4)!

Most importantly, come up to Edinburgh's La Tasca venue to see my show in August (dates - 18-24 August @ 4pm). And if you can't make my show, fellow Edinburgh-goers James, Kirsten and Lee are all doing shows at the same venue and time during the three preceding weeks, so come along then!

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