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Monday, 8 June 2009

Voting booth

I've been marking Xs since day one
Crossing my fingers
Carefully pinching my index finger
Against pencils that feel weary in my hand:
Hours of indecision and hesitation
Seconds of meaningless strikes across a page
I want change

I've been marking Xs
And it feels like an age
That I've been hunched over a booth just scanning names
As vague in my head as the promises behind them.
I want change

I've been ticking boxes for an age
Leaving behind my weightless sheet folded over
Just my sticky grey blemish
The traces of my existence.
I want change

But the change I want is as vague as the names
On the boxes that I scan
And the change that I crave
Can't be placed in a slot
I can't tell you what it is
But I know what it's not

I've been ticking Xs...
It's all pointless.
Just meaningless box-ticking
In isolation
I got to find me
Another polling station

I got to find me

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