Monday, 2 March 2015

HAPPY MARCH!! (the Where Have You Been? update)

SPRING is coming! We've survived the winter!

I haven't done a proper post here for ages but I've been pretty busy nonetheless. Here are some of my Jan/Feb highlights:

I've moved home! (It's actually taken 4 months from knowing I had to get out of my last place to actually having somewhere to live… and it's 100 times better) Anyone who knows me well will have been bored silly by now with all my nightmare stories… But I now know how to put down flooring and decipher Ikea instructions… and run a bath!

I've gone to/ been part of some great events… and have more coming up (see Coming Up for more). Among them, in Feb:

- I wheeled out my 'Identity Mix-Up' show for one last time (…or is it?) at JW3.
If case you've not been there, it's a beautifully-streamlined building of handsome proportions… and, once you get through security - and explain to the guys that your toy gun is a prop for the show - you'll find they've got loads going on there.
I'm unlikely to perform the show again in its current form, but will give plenty advance warning if I do. A spin-off project "Resurrected Words" is going to follow as a result.

- I had a Nathalie Bennett moment (I had almost no voice all morning, until minutes before I was interviewed for this Fail Better podcast… and felt particularly slow on air). Luckily, the show was great and I'm not looking for votes:

- I performed at 3 or 4 events coinciding with LGBT History Month… including last week in Manchester which saw the launch of the SPOKE anthology. (SPOKE? you say… What is this? How may I get a hold of a copy…?)

Speaking of launches, my first proper published poetry pamphlet will be coming out in May this year! Barely two months' time! I've been working on the manuscript for my new collection, with an assortment of eclectic titles, including 'Your Sega Mega Drive (has quietly gone to a better place)', 'Ventriloquism' (which might be familiar for those of you who read the first draft on this very blog a year ago, 'Asylum Cocktails' (which was published in this Human Rights anthology in 2013), 'NW1' and 'E17' (yep... obligatory postcode poems are included too).

I've graduated (with a Distinction, yay!!) from Goldsmiths Uni, and the evening ceremony was a pretty special/emotional one for all of the Spoken Word Educators team. We've done it!!

I've applied for  a Phd, starting this Autumn (say WHAT??!!) More information will follow over the coming months…

Oh, and I've applied (and been accepted) for a writer's retreat/bootcamp in L.A. in June! (This one, to be precise) I now need to raise funds to get there. (More info coming in the next week or so).

I've had the flu :(

I've been working on a possible show for fringe season this summer. My alter ego, The ConsciousNess (can I get a Conscious Yes?) is starting to shine through.

I've got involved in a collective, keeping Pages bookshop (in Hackney) open on Mondays, with added events. More info on what we're doing here, including weekly events in the basement, Monday evenings.

I've missed out tons, but there's a taster…

NEXT UP: Tonight, I'll be at Velvet Tongue's special 'Lengua de Terciopelo' edition! Please come along if you can.

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