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Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Tomorrow at Soho Theatre. One of four poets on the Apples & Snakes stage... If I haven't already invited you, COME ALONG!! A well-deserved drink afterwards, yeah?
Tickets can be bought at, or at the Theatre itself. I'll be performing a never-heard-before "What I miss", which is based on when I was living in the Dominican Republic.
The other three poets are off-the-hook, FOR REAL. I've heard them! We're all very different and I'd definitely turn up just for the other 3 if I wasn't performing myself...
The whole idea was to inspire us to do something we'd never done before, which was to create our own 15-min epic poem. It definitely IS something I'd never done before, and will I do it again...? Well, find out on the night!

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