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Friday, 6 May 2011

Reason(ing)s (Unfinished) #2

Because if I allow
My brows to unfurrow
And my lids to fall
I'll be left with nothing
But shuttered eyes

And if I focus on the blinds
And the stillness of it all
Cars will still whizz past
The window

The breeze will still touch the glass
And breathe an echo
Of the cryptic question
That you asked

I cannot face the dark

I cannot turn
My back on yesterday
Even as it melts into my lashes
Clings to them
Heaves each hefty hour until
The drop


There you are
Waiting behind my
Eyelids, man
Wielding your axe
And baring your soul/teeth/jewels

(Delete as innappropriate)

I give in.

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