Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Another partial update

So I spent most of the weekend walking around London, bumping into poets in an out-of-context way, soaking in the sun, and hitting the beach ;)

Back to writing today after some research yesterday and hoping to get some serious word numbers out, (even though it's not a numbers game, people).

I've also dropped the whole anti-Jubilee stance, mostly because I won't be here on the Sunday, so the rest of London can deal with it until I get back.

Instead, I'll be here (my name's written down as "Plus Many More..." under the Spoken Word & Comedy section):

It's great to see Spoken Word included a lot more in festivals - and performing at gigs is the only way you can get me in a tent these days! It's also good to see such a hot line-up, on what will hopefully be a warm day.

Working on the novel today but also have a few notes here that should soon become a poem or two.

In the meanwhile, expect more posts later...

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