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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Promises, Shpromises...

Yeah, I know... I said I'd be showering the blogosphere with lyrical wit and generic musings and other such labrish on a regular basis but, you know, everything in its time. The past couple of months, for me, have seen a lot of change - and I'm hoping for the better - and so I'll be sharing some of that in due course.

London Team Slam

Meanwhile, some good news for this week: somewhere in London (Tooting to be precise) there is a gold-sprayed Action-man-style trophy with dangerously jerky arms to certify that the London Slam team won a prize at Bristol's first National Team Poetry Slam. Phew! If that statement needs any more emotion, there's a tear-inducing video to come, once I can deal with my computer problems... In the meanwhile, let's be content with a couple of pics:

If you've seen my previous blog about slams (link later) you'll know that I don't like when they're taken too seriously. In my opinion, it's a great way of sharing words in a competitive, non-pretentious and non-rambling way (more than three minutes, dude, and they deduct points!). Slam has its flaws but also its beauty, just like any other poetry format. It's also rare to stick together a bunch of people from cities I've never visited in the name of poetry.

Ok, time for me to reset this computer, unfortunately, so will have to continue this later!

Ciao for now

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