Friday, 5 April 2013

Before You Leave/ Parting Words

Here's one I wrote a while ago which I meant to post up before...

Before you leave
Remember that these streets don’t owe you
Remember that these paving slabs are just stepping stones
For you to find a path back home
But don’t let the railings keep you boxed in
Forge your own way
And don’t be led astray
By the sway of thick hips
Or by lips with quick-talk
Or by eyes wide with promises
That can never be fulfilled
Be strong-willed
But softly-spoken
And keep your mind open
Even if it gets filled with junk
Because ideas are for recycling

Before you leave
Remember that these streets don’t own you
And you don’t own them
For your time on Earth is on loan
And you walk it alone
Even though you share the pavement
With those that you love
But don’t be chained to these streets
Don’t let them claim you
For you may think you're “on road”
But you are not your postcode
So don’t let signposts contain you
Just let them guide you to the destination you choose
And don’t let your shoes get bogged down
With the talk of this town
And don’t wear your sole out
By treading the same ground

Before you leave
Remember that these streets don’t know you
Like you know them
For their routes are mapped out
But yours are fresh with every breath
And your thoughts are more complex than any city
And only you can navigate your way through
So use your heart as a compass
And your spirit as an atlas
And you will lose yourself
And find yourself again
And learn that the race
Is not just about winning
But getting back on track

Before you leave
Remember not to pack
All of my pedestrian advice into your emotional baggage
Lest it be heavy on your back
For you will find your own space
Discover your own place
And when you do
I hope you do not lock the gate to your heart
Even if you aren’t awaiting guests
For many a good thing comes from what we don’t expect

Just remember that you are loved

That you are more perfect
Than the neighbourhoods that raised you
That there are avenues
Waiting for you to walk through
But you must search for them
They will not come to you
For these streets do not owe you their promises
Nor do you own their secrets
Nor do they know your depths
As you negotiate your steps

Before you leave
Just remember to stand tall
For you are loved
Remember that others may follow your footprints
So walk good
And step true
As you wind your way through
To whatever destination you have in your mind
I hope you find that these parting words serve you well

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