Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Postcards from Home... and short Update

The last few days have been stressful. Last week - somewhere between Wednesday night and Thursday evening - I lost my pad with a lot of notes and some draft poems in it. I'm old school - if I'm sitting in a meeting or I'm outside, I like to jot things down on paper, and not on my laptop or phone, unless absolutely necessary. I've been retracing my steps and called up lost property departments... all very sympathetic until I tell them that by "notepad" I don't mean an expensive piece of electronic equipment, but a few sheets of paper....

I had two deadlines for Monday and Tuesday - one for the Royal Festival Organ project, the other an essay for Goldsmiths University - which I had to stick to, and I had important information for both inside. The good news is both projects have now been handed in and I can think about getting some sleep and moving on. (The bad news is I wonder what has become of all those unborn poems which are out there somewhere, almost illegible).

Even greater news, I was really pleased to see Anna Hope on BBC news this week - I'm extremely proud of my Unwriteable friends!

Next Up

I'm looking forward to Polari on Friday, and I'll be reading a 15 minute set. Looking forward to seeing Joelle Taylor (and I've been wanting to buy her Ska Tissue for ages!) And I'm looking forward to hearing Christopher Fowler! I mean, what more could you ask for? (Well, apart from having my pad back as well...!)

**Next Major Breaking News: I'll be doing a run of Hammer & Tongue gigs early next month, as their special guest!! **The dates are on their website and on my Upcoming gigs page.

In the meanwhile, it's back to school tomorrow, so goodnight!

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