Sunday, 23 February 2014

Update Due!

It's back to school tomorrow, after a short half-term of rest. Rather than finish off my post about the Hammer & Tongue (and everything else) tour, I gave myself a break last week. I have a lot to update on here, including the return of my Edinburgh show ...which will be in London, in April, alongside 4 other Utter! great shows. I'm really looking forward to bringing it to my home turf, in Kings Cross and it's exciting stuff!

I'm also looking forward to going to Huddersfield in a couple of weeks for Polari Up North. And, when I return, the Pull Out All the Stops project I mentioned a while ago, including an exhibition running from mid-March, and the Pipes vs Mics night at the end of March.

Over the coming couple of weeks, I'll mostly be preparing for the next phase of the year - writing projects, my work in school and plans for my dissertation. And then, working out what happens once I graduate from university (for the third - and possibly not the final - time). Look out for more over the next few days!

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