Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How to write a dissertation and submit it early for a change… (last part)

I forgot to post this one last week… am so over it now!

So, if the deadline's 5.30pm, and you email it over at 5.26pm, that's early, right?


So glad my dissertation is in; I get some of my time and energy back, although I'll miss being a student again (3rd time). PhD, anyone?

handing it in at Goldsmiths (supervisor's office)


Meanwhile, I managed to get distracted a few times during the writing process. At one point, after discovering the video below, I nearly gave up:

I felt like a kid being told Santa Claus no longer exists. Busta Rhymes? Busta! What's going on??!

I grew up emulating him - right from the catchy Woo Hah! through to his Flipmode Squad experiments (see, hip hop was fun back then), and duets with Redman (the other wild rapper who inspired my Hip hop poem)

Take my Romeo & Juliet Act II, Scene III rap, which I submitted as homework, aged about 13. I performed it in class (and my teacher actually gave me a good mark, thanks, Miss Mackenzie!):

I'm just writing some of what I remember off the top of my head…

This old scene begins with my mate Benvolio, 
Hanging with his homie, that one Mercutio
Bumps into old Tybalt and ….(something) poor Romeo
Big no-no, especially with Petruchio…. (etc)

If you really wanna start in Verona
You better don that bullet-proof ves'
Don't be putting my threats to the test
Or you'll find a massive hole in your chest…

It goes on… And it isn't that great, but I do summarise the whole scene… and fit it perfectly into Busta's "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See". It's one of my life's great achievements :)


Sure, hip-hop has always got a load of negativity… and it's been appropriated by a lot of people, from wannabe gangsters, to saccharine pop stars to advert-makers and beyond. And some rappers have forever just been going on about their cars and nothing else. And some people think hip-hop is dying. Or already dead. Fair enough… But, you too, Busta?

As I was in the final stages of updating my bibliography (yet again) something came up on my Facebook feed, and I saw him in front of a car, and I clicked on the link and, sure enough, there's a slightly offensive rap parody to promote some car… And he's a part of it. I need time to process this...

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