Thursday, 18 September 2014

Upcoming gig... LIPPED INK at Poetry Cafe

Can't wait for this one! I've been meaning to get down to the famous Lipped Ink event for months now. Usually, their Friday evening time clashes with Unwriteables* meetings but Mark 'Mr. T' Thompson, 'cultural chameleon' and energetic host of the evening, has started running Saturday shows too. So there's no excuse not to come! Am well excited...



Two more events coming up this month - Pelmeni Poetry Series next Tuesday, 23rd (with some great international voices... including Simon Barraclough and Denise Saul - and I'm glad to have collections featuring both writers grinning at me from my bookshelf)

and In Yer Ear, following Tuesday, 30th (I'm fans of both Luke Wright and Iphgenia Baal)

I've also just updated my Coming Up section, so check it out for more info...


In somewhat related news, on the big elephant on the island, here's Luke Wright:

I agree that much of the separatist sentiment has come from an aversion to the ingrained pomp of Westminster/London-centric policies and our rightwing, regressive government - both of which do need to be addressed - but I don't think we should break up the whole country as a result. And some of the rhetoric I've heard from the 'Yes' camp sounds a bit like this, as spoken by Glasgow poet Chris Young.

Well, very shortly, we'll see what happens... Either way, there are likely to be interesting times ahead on this little island.

 *My talented prose workshop buddies. I haven't mentioned them for a while but I have a big reason to, coming up very soon...

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