Thursday, 16 October 2014

NEXT WEEK: the week where I'll be popping up in different guises…

In case half of my posts sound like I'm in a perpetual state of excitement and wonder, I'm not. But in the middle of what's a pretty uncertain time for me, I'm performing in such a variety spaces that I can't help feel a little overjoyed. And I still haven't properly talked about this… (In case you haven't clicked on the link - or in case you have, and still don't understand, FLUPP is the favela literary festival in Rio de Janeiro, now in its third year, that I'll be going to in 3 weeks time)

Back to next week and, if you're pretty observant, you'll notice that in 3 different pictures, on 3 different days, I'm wearing 3 different hats and performing at 3 different types of events… If you're particularly observant, you'll note that it's advisable to book 2 of the events in advance. It'd be great to have friendly faces at all of these, so come and join!

On Monday (20th), I'll be at the launch of this anthology at Waterstones Piccadilly, after performing at another event in Soho. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy - and I have a feeling Black and Gay in the UK will become an important document in years to come.

Tuesday, I'll be hanging around Archway (it's the Archway with Words festival, in case you haven't noticed!) and working… 

**Wednesday, I'll be back in Archway for a Spoken Word Night as one of "five outstanding exponents from London's stand up poetry scene"… Phew! That sounds massive. And it is - when you realise they're referring to Tim Wells (the legend who I had the pleasure of performing in Bristol with on Monday), Laurie Bolger (the legend who I had the pleasure of writing poems in a packed takeaway van with on Wimbledon common last Sunday) Salena Godden (the legend whose new book I just got in the post, yay!) and Emily Berry (the legend whose well-thumbed Dear Boy sits on my shelf). I'll certainly enjoy the evening! It should be legendary!

**Thursday, I'll be doing a long feature set - with food! - at Poetry and Poppadoms at Chocolate Factory in Wood Green. It'll have that grab your curry and sit down for a proper feast of words kind of vibe. Hosted by Paul Lyalls, with Jasmine Cooray (am biased here but she's a good friend and a great poet) and Abe Gibson (whose Thatcher poem has stuck with me to this day since I first heard it). 

**Friday I won't be around but The Able Seaman and friends will be attending to all your poetry needs at Madam Scarlet's Poetry Speakeasy. It's the first of an ongoing round of secret poetry gigs in an as-yet undisclosed London location. I can't say much more, except that it's been so much fun creating characters with the other poets, and writing character-driven work. Meanwhile, if you come along, expect to hear some entertaining poems from one or all of us, and to have a good time.

Saturday, I'm going to see this at Camden People's Theatre to watch two superheroes take on society's ills.

Sunday, I'm planning to stay indoors and pack as I'm moving home the following week!

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