Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Last word on Rio, part 1 (in pictures)

I promised to blog again yesterday but got carried away with a post about slams (see pic below)… If I get the huge chunk of text down to a easy blog-worthy size in the time I have free tomorrow morning, I'll put it up. If not, then I'll just post about next week's gig… the final UTTER! (There are still tickets left, so come along!

So, in ten pictures:

1. Here's the famous samba school in Rio, which Mangueira is famous for. 

2. (And this is what it's like inside… at the beginning of the night)

And, not much more than 100m away, workshops and slams were taking place...

3. Workshop led by Chris Redmond
4. Early slam heat

5. And this is what O Globo newspaper had to say about the poetry (if you can read Portuguese, have a look here …or Google Translate):

6. Among other things, a rap battle, after discussion panels and other activities...
 And then… a few mornings later….

7. going up into the Complex de Alemão favela in the new controversial cable cars
8. it was rainy

 9. Some of the poetry family… from Mexico, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Netherlands, (me), UK and Spain.

10. attention - this could be a poem… apparently

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