Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Upcoming gig: Never Mind the Fullstops (THIS THURSDAY at Dogstar, Brixton)

How to explain this whacky night??

I'll go with the official blurb from the NMTFS Facebook page:
Poetry goes pop in Varjack & Simpson's comedy panel show! Spoken word meets Buzzcocks as two teams compete with couplets and score with sonnets to see who will make victory from their verse. 
Join Team Captains Paula Varjack and Dan Simpson, your host Superbard, and special guests from the spoken word scene as they smash apart new and old poetry in ridiculous and silly games. Playing with words has never been this fun!

So, that about does it... It's basically a fun, ridiculous night of poetry and comedy. And I'll be there on Team Simpson with Hannah Chutzpah, hopefully making an idiot of myself in an entertaining way. If you'd like to root for us - or the other side - then come along!

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