Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Quick Update and UP NEXT: Boomerang... TONIGHT!!!

Back from Easter and it's great to see a little sunshine in the Big Smoke!

Apart from taking joke political quizzes, I've been having a pretty stress-free few days. (Anyone would think there was an election coming up...)

I'm in two minds about whether to post anything explicitly party-political. After letting loose on a Facebook group message board the other day, I get the feeling that I've said enough.

That aside, I've also been filling in questionnaires/ assessments that were due in weeks ago... (I thought the typo was my brain... it wasn't)

I'm also doing a bit of planning for my upcoming trip to Bilbao which I'll say more about in a week or so.

I just about managed to catch Indigo Williams last night at Hackney's Hammer & Tongue, had a quick shoe swap with her and then back home to read.

I've just finished re-reading We the Animals, by Justin Torres, who is going to be my mentor at Lambda Writers' Retreat this summer. I'm just over a third of the way to buying a ticket to get there - exciting - and could use all the help I can get so I'm fully there! Check out my fundraising page for more info.


And, now it's off to the Rutland Arms tonight for Boomerang Club. Looking forward to performing; really excited about hearing Amy Acre read again, and Hibaq Osman, who I've heard great things about. Come on over if you can!

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