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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

CAMDEN EXPLORING and other news...

I may have talked a little before about the audio walking tour of Camden I created. No? Well, this is what happened. A while ago I was invited to have a look at what Voicemap does and to see if I could create my own unique tour.

Voicemap uses GPS technology to guide anyone who downloads a tour around a given area. The Love Camden website explains the premise in more detail, and suggest several different tours in the borough.

What I've done is to create and narrate an east-west route through some of my favourite local spots while putting a little history, local knowledge and poetry into the mix. I'm in the process of getting feedback from friends - in the meanwhile, I'll probably be able to provide anyone who orders a copy of my book in the next week - using the Paypal link on my page - a free download. So, if you're planning a trip to Camden and have a couple of hours to spare, come walk with me!

Other things I'm excited about...

1) I'm performing some new material at the London Metropolitan Archives on the 20th for the Streetlife London Finale event! Using my history card, I've been given access to some great archival material there (although, to be honest, I mostly used their website). I'm still working on my poem and looking forward to reading and hearing what my fellow poets/performers come up with. Please come and join us if you can. I'll be shouting more about this over the weekend.

2) I've just got even more books in the post... This beautifully wrapped number by Jay Bernard arrived from Singapore - based on a recommend - and the other two, Colin Barrett and Tiphanie Yanique's stories, were also recommended to me. I expect I'll have time to look at them over the festive break.


3) I'm making some headway with the novel and with my research. I'm also way behind on my reading, so I'll update you on this next week!


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