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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

UPDATE: and Upcoming... (5 gigs)

I'm back! And I'm so glad that January's over and there's now still a hint of daylight at 5pm. It makes it easier to feel like a person when I'm not in the middle of hibernating.

In case you missed it, I posted towards the end of last year that I'll be cutting down on gigs for at least the next few months, in order to concentrate on my doctoral research. It's been difficult turning things down but I usually say, ask me again in the summer! Having said that, I've agreed to do 5 poetry gigs between now and the end of April, for reasons that will become clear.

Here they are:

1) Birkbeck Poets Number Nine. 7th Feb (Sunday coming)

The Duke of Wellington, N1

This is the ninth edition of Birkbeck Poets - and I'm looking forward to joining the list of readers for the first time. Although it's a university-related do, the event is very much open to the public. Check the link above for the Facebook page or follow @birkbeckpoets for updates. I'm excited about the other guest readers! Will say no more for now...

It's also worth mentioning that university poetry events are, rightfully, at the heart of all that's new... Around me, I know both SOAS and LSE host interesting events. And, also, the UniSlam Grand Finals just happened: Goldsmiths came 2nd and Edinburgh kept their crown, 3rd year in a row, in case you were wondering. You heard it here first, I want to see one of the University of London colleges smash it next time, and I'm willing to help that happen! ;)  

2) Outspoken @ Queer Contact. 9th Feb (next Tues) MANCHESTER

Queer Contact 2016: Outspoken @ Contact, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6JA
Jackie Kay, (me), Paula Varjack, AJ McKenna, Adam Lowe

As of Sunday, we're in LGBT History Month. I was chuffed to see my name circulating on a list (check @DeanAtta's daily posts this month on LGBT poetry) yesterday. I'm also glad to see there's a lot of really interesting events taking place*.

All that said, I'm mega excited about Outspoken/Queer Contact, which has been in my diary for months. I get to travel up with Paula Varjack and it's also the first time I get to see Jackie Kay in person!

Also, due to a personal admin error, I have one ticket available for the first person to email me... Get in touch to find out more.

3) Polari on Sea 24th Feb HASTINGS


Once again, I'll be flying down the Thames with Paul Burston and heading to the seaside for Polari On Sea in Hastings.

Tickets are available and everything. I've heard it's going to be mega. Rosie Garland, VG Lee and Nick Maes will be reading too. 

4) Jazz Verse Jukebox. 13th March.

This month's event... next week!

I love this gig, which takes place upstairs at Ronnie Scott's. I try to get there when I can - which isn't often enough - but, I've been told that March is likely to be the last ever instalment of Jazz Verse Jukebox. I'm hoping this is lies, lies, lies all lies but, if not, that's one more reason to get down there. It's going to be a music and poetry celebration that will wake Spring up and blow everyone's mind... or something like that.

5) April. (Camden event, date tbc... but I'll be there!)

More deets to follow....

That's it for now. Back to reading for me!

*Camden & Islington, as always, has a whole extended programme dedicated to the month (the biggest in the UK, apparently), and Camden has just inaugurated its first LGBT Poet Laureate, would you believe it?


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