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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Last 2 Weeks in Books: statistical break down

Sometimes I feel I'm starting to spend more time acquiring books than reading them.

In real terms this means:

  • In the last fortnight, I've purchased about 8 or 9 books for different purposes (7 of which are pictured above). 
  • I've also ordered two more (one of them, necessary for my research, setting me back an ouch-provoking £42 plus p&p).
  • I've had several book recommendations, one via MMS, another by phone, the rest via face-to-face recommendations
  • I've had 2 full length books sent to me in PDF format  
  • I've returned two books to the library (they had been requested by someone) 
  • This leaves me with 18 - 18! - books out on loan at the moment, mostly from Senate House, my university and the Poetry Library
  • Of the 18 books I've borrowed, I've renewed at least 7 of them more than 5 times
  • Of the 18 books, probably only about 6 or 7 are directly relevant to my studies  
  • In addition to books, I've printed off several essays, papers, articles etc... 
  • I've spent 3 days at the British Library, photographing several pages at a time (the ones I can't get anywhere else) so I can figure out what's important enough to go into the first chapter of my thesis
  • I've spent several hours searching for books and then putting them into my digital reference storer
  • I've spent nearly an hour thinking about what books I'll take with me on holiday at the end of the month...
  • I've spent several moments wondering when I'll get the chance to properly enjoy reading a book again!

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