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Friday, 27 November 2009

Tell me, nuh?

Tell me something I don't know
Then something that I do
But don't give me your porky pies
Tell me something true

Back to Slamming

So I'm back to school and back to slamming again. After becoming the Farrago London Slam! Champion a couple of weeks ago (woo hoo!), I'll be at the UK Slam! tonight at the Drill Hall (click here for details).

Next Wed, 2nd December, I'll be at Express Excess in Chalk Farm (yep, not far from me, all ye Norf London massiv).

Then I'll be on the long build-up to Christmas, avoiding as many staff/family-dos as possible. Staff dos are most certainly staff dont's for me. I may be turning into a bit of a grump, but why-oh-why do I want to watch my colleagues get drunk while talking shop over a mediocre meal which I have to pay an equal share for (even though I didn't drink even half as much as everyone else), all in the name of Christmas? Look, I won't go on, maybe I'll write a poem about it, or something...

Logging off