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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Update Due!

It's back to school tomorrow, after a short half-term of rest. Rather than finish off my post about the Hammer & Tongue (and everything else) tour, I gave myself a break last week. I have a lot to update on here, including the return of my Edinburgh show ...which will be in London, in April, alongside 4 other Utter! great shows. I'm really looking forward to bringing it to my home turf, in Kings Cross and it's exciting stuff!

I'm also looking forward to going to Huddersfield in a couple of weeks for Polari Up North. And, when I return, the Pull Out All the Stops project I mentioned a while ago, including an exhibition running from mid-March, and the Pipes vs Mics night at the end of March.

Over the coming couple of weeks, I'll mostly be preparing for the next phase of the year - writing projects, my work in school and plans for my dissertation. And then, working out what happens once I graduate from university (for the third - and possibly not the final - time). Look out for more over the next few days!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

UPDATE... The tour so far

I'm halfway through a fortnight of extended performances, mostly as part of the Hammer & Tongue tour. So far, it's been great, with a few highlights that will stay with me for a long time. 

Monday - Rrrantin' @ Camden

Highlights Trying to avoid the magician's eyes (yep, there was poetry, music and magic!) while eating a fish finger sandwich before my set. Hearing a woman with an amazing voice (and I've forgotten her name) before walking home. Loving the unexpectedness of this local night - it's very Camden indeed.

Tues - H&T Dalston

Highlights A quick change after school (I work round the corner) and then kicking it with hosts Sam Berkson and now Paula Varjack, who I have a lot of love for. A very surprising slammer coming forward! Laughing very hard. Finally hearing fellow guest poet Chimene Suleyman (who I've read a lot online) and enjoying her poetry, the emotion and power in her words. Feeling sorry for the folks who didn't want to brave the tube strike - they missed out.  

Weds - H&T Bristol (and Weston-super-Mare)

Highlights Being back in Bristol! I love this city, which always seems to have a thriving poetry community. Hanging out with host Thommie Gillow and family and waking up near the sea in Weston-super-Mare before rushing back to London to teach. Enjoying the slam. Feeling a lot of love from the Bristol poets, Lucy English and the students from Bath... plus all the slammers I spoke with during and after the show.   

Thurs - Brighton

Highlights Being near the sea again! Never having been to Brighton for poetry before (I know, right? It's just down the road...) and feeling nervous because the space was packed full to the brim. Enjoying Michael Parker's attempt at science-themed freestyling. Hearing some brilliant slammers and being glad I didn't have to pit against them, among them Christian Watson - who I first heard a couple years ago. Really enjoying Spoken Herd and still singing "It's a new day/ It's a new dawn" the morning after (don't worry - it's a post-apocalyptic thing - you had to have been there). Being exhausted but hoping I make it down there again!   

Next week is going to be a little crazier and I'm looking forward to yo-yoing between stages in Camden (Mon), Oxford (Tues), Cambridge (Weds), Walthamstow (Thurs), Brixton (Fri) and New Cross (Sun 16). Stay posted for more!