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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Quick Update: early-mid July

I've been in an odd mood lately, but it's fairly predictable stuff. With fickle weather (summer, where are you? send reinforcements please), political chaos (who needs fictional drama on television?), an imminent move (I seem to move home on average once every 18 months! I'm hoping this will be the last for a while), long days spent transcribing complex interviews, and a first draft of my potential poetry collection just complete, it would be a miracle if I were 100% together right now. That said, I'm all alone in a university office, listening to Philip Glass ('Gradually We became aware/ Of a hum in the room/ An electrical hum in the room/ It went mmmmmm') for my amusement while I read over some notes and write this. I'll call it a day soon.

I've also been reading this! It's shiny and new and I'm proud to have an extract of my novel-in-progress in this anthology of writing from the 2015 Lambda Fellowship. I wrote that, and more, whilst on the Writers' Retreat. I can't believe it's been a year since I was in L.A. with this amazing group of writers, some of whom are already getting big recognition for their writing.

I'll try to update little and often over the next few weeks...