Wednesday, 18 January 2012

(Grumpy) New Year and ting...

So, we're nearly 3 weeks into 2012, and I'm glad I haven't made any concrete resolutions, otherwise I probably would have broken them by now, just in time to make new ones for the Chinese New Year, coming up this weekend.

A relative of mine, who will remain nameless, promptly vowed - on Facebook, no less - to stop reading online comment pages this year; that would probably have been one of things I would have resolved too, had it not been for him forwarding me a link about the whole Diane Abbott foot-in-mouth incident, and a funny comment piece which I've now lost somewhere to cyberspace. And so this is what I've come back to: with the way overdue conviction of Stephen Lawrence's killers, the absolute proof that we are still hotly sensitive to the nuances of race and racism, in all its forms, as demonstrated here and here. And that, no matter how many times I press refresh on all the news sites, it's pretty much the same stuff. I'm just...doing it... now! And, yep, Occupy London wins first place (as it did in November), with Eurozone bailouts and the IMF coming next down the line, followed by stats on youth unemployment and yeah, I get the message. Pretty much the only other "news" is the 100th anniversary of Scott of the Antartic's expedition. If you don't know who he was by now, try Wikepedia. Oh, hold on, if you're going to attempt that during the blackout, try following the advice here.

I feel like I'm on one of those soaps where you can watch an episode months later and still pretty much follow everything that's (not) happened.

So, in the spirit of not moving forward, Merry Christmas! And Bah Humbug, in equal measure. shimples!

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