Wednesday, 18 January 2012


...and, dare I say, a primitive one (smoothly does it!), as I have a lot of finer details to work out.

So my trip went well, despite having to make several changes along the way. I'll post more on that later, hopefully with more pics like these:

On the poetry front, the next month or so looks to be a good one. Next public gig is at the Farrago Zoo Awards next week, then I'll be doing a few open mics, then some more gigs which I'll also give more info on later.

On the writing front, you've guessed it, I'll be working on The Novel and a few more shorts, one of which I've just redrafted for an anthology coming out in the Spring. Everything else, I'm waiting to see how it fits. I've begun a non-fiction project which may or may not work, so we'll see. I'm also looking to do a few music collabos soon.

So, onwards! I'll update the rest of this blog later and I should be posting more regularly from here on in.

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