Wednesday, 30 January 2013

SPOKEN WORD SHOWCASE... and end of Jan things!

Phew! I've just rescued my computer from meltdown, but it means I only have a couple mins to write what I was meaning to write an hour ago...

School Showcase COMING UP SOON! 

So this is partly what I've been working towards of late. I've made reference to my comrades before (check this link for overview, and this one for a post from Ray Antrobus about the uni course... oh, and by the way did I tell you his book's just out?). 

We're working towards our first Spoken Word Showcase at the school we're all teaching at, bringing out the poetic talents of some of our pupils and highlighting their achievements so far. It is happening next week on THURSDAY.

We only have the school hall and there'll be loads of eager parents, otherwise I'd be inviting the whole world to come along. I've been really impressed at how all the young people involved are developing their skills, learning to express themselves with words and work well with other pupils they wouldn't otherwise engage with... and, almost as importantly, how they have been learning to combat nerves and take to the stage.

For the moment, the cohort are looking for people who are interested in the project and able to offer support - this means potential funders/sponsors, journalists, (head)teachers, web designers, photographers and poets who are willing to join the team in the future - and those who feel they can help in other ways. If this could be you, then come along on next week! Get in touch and I'll provide you with all necessary details (meanwhile, follow the link to confirm attendance). If this could be you but you can't make it, drop me an email (contact details on here!) and I can give you further information.


I have a couple of other events coming up soon, including Fierce on Friday. I've also just heard my voice on the radio! A brilliant documentary on Spoken Word and Rap on BBC 1Xtra, featuring several people in the poetry and rap scenes, well worth a listen. You have 4 days left to enjoy!



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