Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Welcome 2013!!

Woo hoo! Happy new times! 

Last year went pretty quickly, whatever that means. Ok, what I mean is the days presumably went by at the same speed they always do but I managed to fill them very easily and left little space to reflect on them. Which is why my time out over the last week or so has felt good, even if it's meant watching some really bad TV and hanging onto my cold.

Following advice from a friend, I'm taking up the Resolutions thing this year... Instead of taking on one big, hulking New Years Resolution - or a stack of them, as many do - I've decided to go for miniature, achievable goals every month that I can tick off. I'll let you know how goes!

P.S. I meant to post this before, but this is what a Christmas hangover looks like:

 Minimise the face-scrunching - Resolution #1?


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