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Friday, 31 May 2013

Identity Mix-Up in Edinburgh #1: Countdown begins!

Yipee-ay-yee-yay, we're going to Edinburgh!

So my show's about "identity" and what that all means in a post-post-colonialist/feminist/queer/political/vegan [insert more here as you see fit] world. Basically, how are identities changing and what happens to the ignorant fools (i.e. me) who think they can transcend it all and just "be themselves"?

Before I fully got to grips with the concept - if, indeed, I have now - I had to submit a blurb, and this is what I came up with:
Keith Jarrett explores the obsessions of our label-driven society, going on an interactive tragi-comic tour of mistaken identity, beginning with the birth of his name and ending with the death of his gay poem.
I have no idea what I meant by tragi-comic, except to say that it'll be serious in places and (hopefully) funny in others. I also know that I'll be exploring some personal stuff, and I'll have more details on that. Meanwhile, here's a blurry photo of my listing in the just-published Fringe Festival Programme which arrived in the post yesterday.

Any ideas you can throw in, just drop me an email or comment... I'll also be filling you in on James, Kirsten and Lee's shows - the other Utter! Poets who I'm sharing the experience with. (Links to be added later)

**Coming soon... more info about the show and why it will save wo/mankind!**

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