Friday, 24 May 2013

NTS Radio, School of Spoken Word, Mix-Ups

If you missed me talking on the Re:Versed show @ NTS radio on Monday (and "scratching my brains" live on air), follow the link below for a chance to listen again!

Really great to be there alongside Rob Auton (with the vegetarian who's never seen a cow), Michelle Madsen (with crappy espadrilles), James Massiah (with "post-theistic" chill) and, of course, Angry Sam (grrr!). What you can't hear of course, is the guy outside the window sticking his fingers up at us while I'm reading my poem. Yeah, I kind of love Dalston (and I always did, way before it became so hipster-fied that Vice magazine had to go in search of a new one!)


While I'm plugging things... School of Spoken Word INSET for teachers (daytime) and showcase (evening) taking place June 4th at the Southbank Centre. The INSET is for anyone working in secondary schools, whilst the performance is going to be a bit of a celebration of what the programme's achieved so far.

I'm also far behind on talking about Identity Mix-Up, the show I'm doing for Edinburgh. Keep a look out for more info over the next few days.


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