Sunday, 14 July 2013


Apologies for the silence, seeing as I promised big time updates last week... The prob is I've had nothing, zilch, nada in the way of internet connection at home for the last few days and I'm still waiting for it to be fixed. The upside is I'm getting more competent at learning to link my phone's connection with my computer...

Anyway, this digression aside, I'm off to the Arcola Theatre tonight for a mean battle, a sequel to the straight-to-the-core dialogue that is the RAP vs POETRY thing-a-ling. Here's some more info below:

Hammer & Tongue, the biggest promoters of slam poetry in the U.K, team up with Fat Gold Chain, London-based promoters of "true skool" hip-hop nights to put on their second annual Rap vs Poetry event as part of the Dalston People's Festival.

Teams of poets and rappers will have to convince the audience both of the validity of their own art and also of their versatility and crossover abilities, as MCs attempt acappella performance and poets try to put their words over music. 5 representatives of each art form will take part in the competition, hosted by H&T's Angry Sam (Sam Berkson) and FGC's Benny Diction.

The competition itself will be followed with sets from the FGC resident DJs and an open mic for any lyricists in the audience to bless.

The entry fee is £5: for that you get to witness both high calibre poets and rappers go at it in a test of lyrical strength. If the last Rap vs Poetry is anything to go by, it's gonna go OFF! It features heavily in this documentary broadcast by BBC Radio 1Xtra earlier this year:

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