Friday, 13 September 2013

My week so far in images...


A great way to spend the afternoon - listening to poets from all over this "small island" who have great things to say, in surprisingly different ways. After my great joy at being shortlisted in the first place, I was disappointed not to have gained first place when the winner was announced on Wednesday, but I'm excited that there are so many new voices out there, and it's given me a challenge to write more and write better.


Was a fabulous night!


Spent my non-teaching time at my new school's library looking through their (pretty impressive) collection of poetry and I discovered this, a poetic, illustrated biography of the Cuban poet Juan Francisco Manzano:


Went to Polari and heard Bernadine Evaristo read extracts from this (just got a copy):


At the end of a second week of teaching, I came home and read. My new love of graphic novels and a wonderful librarian led me to this:


Caught up on the news and finished watching the BBC documentary about teenage exorcists... Funny how the same footage can be used to create two very different versions (see below). I'll suspend my opinions till next time.

This afternoon, my aim was to write, but admin - and exhaustion - got in the way... Most of that now out of the way, I can spend tomorrow catching up!

Until next time!  

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