Monday, 30 September 2013

Travel Better London... Day 1

All this week, thirteen poets (including me) will be popping up across the tube network, delivering poetry and smiles to unsuspecting commuters. Some of us are Poets-in-Residence at selected stations, with a not-so-fleeting posting, writing poems and interacting with passengers, and spreading some of that poetry joy. The rest of us will be at stations for usually no more than thirty minutes at a time.

I'll link to some of the other poets as the week goes on, but in the meanwhile, Travel Better London's Tumblr can be found here, and there will be tweets and competitions happening all over the shop over the next few days, so stay posted!

DAY 1 - Got the t-shirt

I then headed off to three stations, including Paddington, where I performed a couple of poems and scribbled notes... One of the notes to develop:

6pm: Restless heels clack out 
towards the mouth of the Great Bear
London burps its workers Westwards 

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