Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Upcoming Gig: TONIGHT - Utter! Space

"Sen' him to Utter! Space...."

Back at the aptly-named Star of Kings, Kings Cross tonight and I'm repping Mercury @ Utter! Space (every time I see the name of the gig written down I wanna sing this song):

I've just about managed to write a bunch of poems and I'll be testing some of them out on all the earthlings present.

As the flyer is quick to point out, there's a stellar line-up of poets performing in this (and I'm quaking in my boots, hoping I get time to tinker with what I have so far)   Particularly looking forward to Amy Mcallister (Venus), James McKay (Uranus) and Musa Okwanga (Earth).

More details here. 

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