Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Update (of sorts): what I'm up to.

I'm entering another high-density period of offline activity, so I'll keep the next post brief.

In the past week, I've mostly been arguing for the insertion and re-location of hyphens with the editor of my new poetry pamphlet I Speak Home. Its release is imminent and I'm severely excited about it, wherever the hyphens end up.

I've also been preparing students for a summer poetry showcase in 3 weeks... I'll be sending out invites to fellow educators and supporters of the Spoken Word Educator project soon. I'm fairly nervous about that one!

Today, I'm travelling to York for Say Owt Slam., where I'll be featured guest. A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of judging the Roundhouse slam heats. It's hard work of a different sort, attending slams and not taking part as a competitor. And I think I can get used to not competing again! However, I have put myself forward for the BBC Edinburgh slam in the summer (what have I done!!)

I've been reading and watching lots lately, so will post more on that when I have time.

After York tonight, the next big thing is Bilbao. I'll be running workshops in a school (in Spanish)  and then performing a show, which I've put together  from slam pieces ... I'll be stacking up the 3 minute poems and creating a story out of them. I'm looking forward to that very much... Will post more on that later!

That's it for now... My 15minutes of free wifi on the train is almost up !

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