Monday, 4 April 2016

Upcoming Gig: Tongue Fu in the city... TODAY!

Hear ye, hear ye... Last minute city gig at Broadgate Circle with the Tongue Fu crew (if you know the refrain, sing along: This is how we do Tongue Fu/ get on this train of thought/ you know we're coming through/ choo choooo!)

If you're free and care to join, there are details here... If you want to hear more about Tongue Fu, there are details here... If you want to hear more about where I'm next performing, there are details right here.. and I'll be updating soon!

Today, I'll be joined by Deanna Rodger (whoop whoop!), Kat Francois (oh yes!), Ben Norris (yee haw!) and the Tongue Fu band (brap brap!)*. Excuse the excitement, folks, but I'm looking forward to taking part in this one. It's an outside, FREE gig, taking place at lunchtime, 12.30-2. I'm expecting lots of city workers taking a lunchtime break, and we're gonna hit them with some poetry and music, and make sure they get back late! I'm hoping for tears, laughter and solid entertainment. Come along if you can.


*They've all got proper lush websites and thing, with their names on them... and they've all got Youtube vids and other bits and bobs... worth a visit. 

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