Saturday, 9 April 2016

UPDATE: 3 things to check out

*a couple of edits

1. They Are Trying to Break Your Heart

David Savill, fellow Unwriteables workshop buddy, has his first novel out! I've been lucky enough to see some of his earlier workings-out of the plot and it's turned out to be a smasher of a novel. I've started reading it and it's already gripped me. There's more info on the book here and the good reviews are gathering pace...

(On a side note, he's also highly observant - pointing out the dust on my keyboard when I excitedly posted the picture of me unwrapping the parcel. What are friends for, eh?)

2. Coming up: Polari @ London Book Fair, Monday

Billed as a Polari Soho Special, this event at the Light Lounge bar is part of the London Book and Screen Week listings. Great line up, with added cocktails... and it's almost sold out, so get tickets now! I also have it on good authority there'll be a live stream somewhere.

3. And another list... from Buzzfeed

As part of publicity for London Book and Screen Week, a bunch of writers were invited to share some of our favourite spots to read and write in London, which were put together in a massive list. I have 3 - very varied - entries in there as do a couple of fellow readers at Monday's Polari! Check it out here.

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