Monday, 28 March 2011

Midsomer Murdered

Turn your contrast right down
Because the brown in your hue
Means you are not fit
For clubbing tonight

The manicured lawns
And village greens
Are too genteel
For chocolate skins
They will not be muddied
With your type

There will be no axes ground
Above your head
No pillows to smother you goodnight
No abductees
No poisoned teas
Because this is not your territory

They say this is the last bastion
Of English eccentricity
So shut up and live
Those of other ethnicities
You are too dark
To stain these stable doors
With your blood

You must suffer
Long life in your urban terrain
You must stay this side of our stile
And not come within range
Of our strange and unpleasant land
Where neighbours nurse nefarious plans

You may never claim
The dubious acclaim
(Or privilege?)
Of being one of our Midsomer murdered
So please leave our village
And go back to your cities
And watch, and learn
And live

Just having a bit of fun! Something that caught my attention last week... The executive producer of the "quintessentially" English detective programme was caught out saying he would never hire black or Asian actors as it would ruin the "eccentric" "Englishness" of the show. And of course, he later "retired", and of course, a few comments in the papers show support for him, and of course the ratings have since gone up, and of course, the show is a lot of nonsense anyway, BUT of course, it also shows that ignorant minds are still out there.

End of.

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