Thursday, 31 March 2011

Atlas (The World is Mine)

My friends tell me
I stoop when I walk
As if I have always
Carried the world on my shoulders

No wonder I have become obsessed
With my weight
Scaling back for weeks
And then feasting on dumbells
When I feel weak

I am preparing
For my biggest feat:
I want to make the Earth move
For you

For you move me
To walk head up
Through streets
And not bow down
Under the pressures on my neck

I still sweat
I still quake
But now I am learning
To forget the weight
And walk proudly on

And I know it will stay
But I will be strong
And I won't let it sway me
From standing tall
From standing up

From spinning things around
On their axis
And learning
To see them differently

You move me
To be me
But though our planets may collide
And our thoughts may coincide
You are not my world

And I am not yours

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