Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Getting Grown, Man About Town, Two Points of View

I've just been [up/down?]loading some pictures from my phone onto the computer and came across the above, and the below.

A mate of mine used this ageing device phone app thing on me. I think it was meant to add 40 years on, but really all they do is stretch the face and deepen lines. I still found the image slightly disturbing, but there may be a story in it somewhere.

These days, I can hardly leave the neighbourhood without finding dodgy references to Camden. Not only was there a shop in Tooting Market called Camden Town last weekend - and they were selling those very tasteful t-shirts which you can find in the original Camden Town markets, of course -  but when I was in Spain last week I also came across two "Camden Town" shops (one of which is above). Talk about successful branding!

December 2010

When I can't write, or I'm just procrastinating (like now), one of the things I might find myself doing is taking pictures of my surroundings. I must have about a dozen of these photos, and it's great to see some sun reflecting off my local for a change!

The Other Day, 2011

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