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Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Let's get lazy
Slouch back into each other
And slur our tongues
And let them lie
Between the grooves of our song
And dance slowly

Let our dischevelled minds
Let our heads flop
And our gazes sag
Let's drag our shoes
Along paths sloping down
We'll meander in our syncopated rhythm
Not following maps or plans
And our hips, they'll just be shelves
To rest tired hands

Let's get lazy
You and I
Let our eyes roll back
And our mouths yawn wide
Let's ride through time
With our arms hanging loose

Let's not care
About which of our elbows is on whose table
Or whose hands are whose
Let's not pay lip service to ettiquette
Let's stick two feet up to such things
And let the breeze sway our minds
While the time hangs low in the sky

Let's get lazy
You and I
Or you and me
Me and you
Let's not care about grammar too
Because you will punctuate
Each half-finished sentence
And I will be entranced
By your effortlessness
And we will be floating on our laurels
Somewhere off into the hazy distance
Where the living is easy
And the people are free
I just want to be
With you

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