Thursday, 1 August 2013


It's pretty exciting... after all this time, I've just realised I've never organised a poetry event of my own before; nor have I designed a poster. That it happens to be a scratch show of my Identity project - never before entrusted to an audience - makes it extremely nerve-wracking. But, once I'm done, I get to enjoy some of my favourite poets take to the mic in solidarity.

Among those confirmed are Angry Sam, who will also be previewing some of his Edinburgh show, Katie Bonna - an Edinburgh (and off-Broadway) veteran of the stage - plus E. Amato and Pete the Temp, both highly-skilled word artists who I have much respectation for (I'll link them later tonight). 
Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to going up to Edinburgh and seeing the other shows of fellow poets. Among my comrades in Utter! poetryship, Kirsten Luckins has already made her debut and adjustments in her scratch show, and gives some good insight on the power of feedback when testing out new material. Her show The Moon Cannot Be Stolen, goes up to Edinburgh on Saturday. I'll post details on James McKay and Lee Nelson, whose shows are also imminent!

Before we skip too much ahead, the next couple of days I'm excited about 3 gigs, all on my upcoming events tab. I'll be reading fiction this eve, revisiting an epic piece tomorrow and doing rap-themed poetry on Saturday alongside some excellent poetry performers. If you can, come along!   

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