Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Edinburgh: Day 3

The last two days have been so amazing I haven't had time (or wifi access) to write about it.

The first two shows have gone incredibly well and I've met some warm, brilliant people too. I wasn't fully sure what I wanted to achieve from the whole experience at first, but I know now that making connections with other people is the most fulfilling part of it.

Flyers are at the ready and my pockets are bulging with flyers, flyer, flyers... This is the hardest part: convincing people you've not met before that they should come and spend an hour of their time listening to you. I've never been good at that kind of thing, but it's necessary.

Kirsten and Lee have returned to their homes but James McKay is still going strong with the Popular Reciter - a mad feat of poetry going back centuries that feel surprisingly modern.

I'm having to make space to see other Spoken Word shows. Most of the time, hanging around a lot of the spoken word venues, I feel like I'm in a convention of poets from all over, all bumping into each other, even though there's far more theatre and comedy about than anything else. (And literally - while texting this morning, I bumped into Hollie McNish, doing a one-off set somewhere)

I need to start getting ready for the next show starting in an hour.

Here goes again!

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