Saturday, 10 August 2013

IDENTITY MIX-UP: Just over a week to go (...and then I can talk about other things!)

The countdown continues: 8 days until Identity Mix-Up starts in Edinburgh.

I’m unable to update much as I’m travelling this week and mostly disconnected from the Internet (I know… shocking!) I’ll be back in London Town next week Tuesday and then up to Edinburgh on Thursday.

As it’s drawing closer, the excitement is building. On Monday, I previewed a slightly abridged version of Identity Mix-Up in Brixton’s Effra Social Club. The atmosphere was intimate: three pictures of Winston Churchill behind me with tea lights flickering close by as I read through it; a few chairs and two worn leather sofas with pull-out tables in front of me; and peopling them, some great poets, friends and former strangers who heard about the event and came along. I got some good feedback, which was nearly all positive; a couple of tricky parts needed a reshape and now they’ve got it. We’re (almost) ready!

I now need to gather together small, unrelated objects to go with the show: a small water gun, a pack of cards, a stopwatch and I’m good to go!

The actual show will be kicking off 4pm at La Tasca restaurant on the 18th and, contrary to what the programme might say, it’s running straight through until the 24th. Looking forward! 

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