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Thursday, 10 April 2014

5 things I've been watching lately (part 2)

3. April Fools' Prank

Hehe, this made me laugh. I don't think it'd go down well at the school where I teach, though...

The Guardian's April Fools' story on Scotland this year, whilst a little unlikely, was timely. As the Scottish Independence debate is getting into its rhythm, I expect a lot more outlandish statements from both sides that will make a switch to the right seem credible. Unfortunately, I didn't get to plan an April Fools' prank of my own, but was great to see some Twitter announcements from friends that made me go, SAY WHAT? out loud.

4. 1960 What?

*Bad pun alert* The Motor City might be burning, but Gregory Porter's voice is smoking :) I've packed my headphones away and it's great listening to music at home for a change (although that's not what the neighbours said!)

As for vocal acrobatics, I've been hypnotised watching this video for Iva Bittova's expressions alone.

5. Everyday Sexism

If this seems ridiculous, it only goes to show how ingrained our perceptions of normality are. Back to the humour thing - while a woman honking at men and inviting them home makes her look slightly disturbed, if anything, and while it raises a few nervous laughs, and while the video is funny, the seriousness isn't lost.

Buzzfeed's attempt at role reversal (below) doesn't work as well for me, but it does show how we've become so used to the sexualised images of women in a variety of contexts to an unhealthy degree. I've recently had to challenge a few comments - and whilst no physical violence was involved in that case, it's good to see that more men are speaking up, as Musa Okwanga discusses here.

Ok, I need to do some reading now and I might actually get to write over Easter :)

P.S. I'll be posting some more 30/30 poems soon...

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