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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

UPCOMING... (Including UTTER! Fringe & last chance to see my Edinburgh show on Sunday!)

Thursday (tomorrow):

Stand Up! and Slam

- Knock knock! 
- Who's there?

Sorry, I mean a group of poets walk and a team of comedians walk into a bar in Shoreditch. A member of the audience measures the applause after the stand-ups do their thing and the poets do their thing. And then the curtains are drawn (after the poets inevitably win) and we all go home sated after a good dose of poetry.

This time round it's Tim Wells and Richard Tyrone Jones repping the poetry side with me and, of course, team captain/ event co-host Dan Simpson. More details to be found here.
Hosts Paul Sweeney and Dan Simpson
Last time round, at their one-off fundraiser, I wrote a poem for Paul's moustache while waiting to perform. Here's an extract:

Paul's moustache deserves a poem [...]Or at least a holiday away from his faceLet's face it - it deserves [...] another homeWith someone who loves it dearlyClearly it could also use a makeoverOr a takeover by aliensOr simply a Mediterranean dietA dash of olive oilA lunchtime carafe of vino rosso....

Rrrantory Little Stories, Richmond

Host Paul Eccentric

Friday, and I return to the Tea Box in Richmond for Rrrantory Little Stories with the Rrrants crew. Cosy, warm environment with plenty of storytelling going on with funny woman Cecilia Delatori. I still don't know what I'll be reading so there may be some surprises. Make it if you can!

Sunday (April 6):

 Identity Mix Up @ UTTER! 10th Birthday Mini-fringe 


I'm so looking forward to resurrecting my show, Identity Mix-Up, at the Star of Kings in King's Cross. I'm starting to go over it again and I'm excited/nervous/getting geared up to perform. Tickets are available here.

Reasons to go to the Utter! Mini-fringe are in detail here - there are four very good ones listed on James McKay's website, so even if you don't come for my show at 8.30pm, there are plenty of others to stay for (and a come-and-go as you please policy once you have tickets).

Next Friday (April 11):
Refugee Radio on Tour
Sofia Buchuck

Brighton will be calling next week... As part of the In Protest tour. More details to come.

5. And then... rest! 

Away after the 11th and only one more gig in April before a couple of gigs in May and a probable break till July while I work on some other projects... including:

*Fingers crossed, returning to Washington, D.C. for Capturing Fire in June


*BIG NEWS* - I should have a twenty-poem pamphlet published later this year/ beginning of next year with Eyewear Publishing's new series 20/20.

And another one (tbc) out next year... full details when I'm able to release them :)

I'll keep you posted on the progress...

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