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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


/poetry - quieting down again on the gigs front, though Teabox at Richmond last Fri was particularly good - an intimate night. planning on going to a few gigs over the next couple of weeks and just listening. also, have a lot of first-drafts that I want to do something with. I kind of want to order my "non-performance" stuff and think about getting a pamphlet together.

/novel - slower than I could have foreseen; having extra time and using it wisely will help!

/shorts - another story published; a few more ideas and I'm also ready to resurrect my Anansi series. stuck on dialect choices though as a few of the stories use an Anglo-West Indian patois that I don't think I can sustain throughout, nor do I want to.

/life - reading a lot. looking for more part-time work. writing another essay - and now thinking of linking it with another essay to make a series. tired but mostly upbeat.

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