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Monday, 13 June 2011

Gigs... Deets and so on

Last week
So, last week, I was one of five chosen slammers for International Alert's "Poets for Peace" fundraiser. Raymond Antrobus, Curious, Stephanie Dogfoot, and Michelle Madsen were my spars and - wow! - what poets to go up against! It turned out to be a low-key but very cool night. And, it was a close call but, eventually Curious freestyled his way through the final to be the winner.

To be honest, until I was asked to do the gig, I hadn't heard much about International Alert, but now I have, I'm taken by the steadfast way they have been promoting peace across the globe. For more info, you can always click here.

This week

Confused the dates for Hammer & Tongue, which I thought was tonight, at the Green Note Cafe on Parkway in Camden :(

Weds, however, I'll be at Touch Me I'm Sick! for the first time - and I'll be featuring!

And Fri, I'll be there for the final Bingo Master's Breakout to take place at St Aloysius Social Club. It's a Poetry-Bingo-Karaoke night and, seeing as I've never been to bingo, but I can hold my own in a karaoke fest anytime, I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Now I've looked over these again, basically, I'm not leaving the borough this week, except to go to work.


Will keep ya posted, but good things to come, including a feature set alongside The Bro's Grim at Bang Said the Gun! The night's lively and the tag says it all: "poetry for people who don't like poetry". Expect noise and laughter etc.

More things later, like "Lounge on the Farm"... but I'll be updating this sometime over the weekend!

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