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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rips (because you called me morbid)

If I flirted with you, Death
It wasn't because I wanted to be possessed
By your embrace
Not because I was taken in by the folds of your cloak,
The skeleton of your waist
Or the hollow of your face

If you thought I was ever impressed
By your other conquests
Or by the sharpness of your blade
Or the bones around your neck
Then you were wrong
Because your bling don't mean a thing

But don't get it all twisted:
I did lead you on
Teased you with my bravado
And drove you to cliffs
Where I stroked at your cheek
And leaned for the kiss

But I wasn't ready to taste your lips
I suppose I just wanted to sniff the high
Of your desire
Dance to the flames of your ego
Because sometimes I get by like that
And sometimes I get haunted by
Recollections of the people you've collected:
An eclectic mix
Of friends you've picked
And plucked away from my grasp
And sometimes, bwoy, I get jealous
And, just sometimes, I get furious
At your shameless tactics
Of throwing yourself at anyone that comes your way

And I know you got a thing for young men
And I know you love guns and you like wars
But then you always want more
And you can't settle with just the one
So you take the young with the old
And it's that undiscerning drive that's got me curious
That's got me wanting to peek inside that hood you've been wearing
Like it won't ever go out of fashion

Anyway, if you feel I was flirting with you, Death
There ain't no passion sparking up between us now
Try not mistake my sly glances for advances
And if you think I want to take you by the hand
Then don't hold your breath
Because you're not ready for me yet

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