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Friday, 20 June 2014


So, I'm much more up-to-date than I've been in the past month, and I'll be checking in here much more regularly over the summer.

The next couple of weeks are looking varied, poetry-gig wise. So, I'll be on my toes and writing/performing new stuff. 

Tomorrow, I have my first Takeaway! "Customers" get to order a tailor-made poem from a talented team of steady-handed verse-makers, and I'll be helping out in the van (ketchup optional) at the Royal Academy of Arts!

Then, there's pre-Pride antics at they Royal Vauxhall Tavern on Tuesday (and I'm especially looking forward to hearing more of PJ Samuels, and seeing more of Jay Bernard...). 

And finally, I've been waiting to come up to this place for aaaages! Newcastle's Jibba Jabba is the stuff of legend; described by some as "the best night in Europe" - I really can't wait to be up there. Bearing in mind, Kirsten Luckins (who's Edinburgh show "The Moon Cannot Be Stolen" pushes spoken word shows to a whole new level) will be there and... Polarbear!!! (who needs no introduction), I'm willing it to be next Thursday already.

And, just in case that isn't enough, I get to head back to the South East to my first festival of the year, The Fling, on Saturday where, once again, I'll be sharing some words at the spoken word stage.

I'm pretty certain these will all have very different vibes and I'm looking forward to sharing my stuff and meeting with old and new friends too!

More to come soon... 

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